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Board responsibilities,
practical management

Most people who are currently founding, or have founded a stock company, have probably noticed that the rules have changed. This poses new requirements and challenges for the board and its members. The stock act imposes significant responsibilities for the board members. There is increased focus on the stock members, and that they to what they should do, and don’t do what they should not do.

This course is held through two days, where the first day is used  covering what the single stock member has committed to, what they should watch out for, and the consequences for not taking this seriously. We go through the different roles, as well as the relations between the CEO, board, and the owners. On the second day we will look at all the different tools and practical solutions, so everything can be fixed. Then you can avoid the mistakes that typically lead to personal financial responsibilities.

Target audience:
Small stock companies, family companies, sole owner stock companies,
everyone who has founded a NUF,
everyone who is in the board for sports clubs, unions and more.

The course is held over 2 days
The course will be held when there is 4 participants
If a date is not set for the course, show your interest, and we will contact you when a new date is set.

Price per participant: kr 5900,-

You can order an internal course for your board. Reach out to determine conditions, location, and so on. Internal course are considered as consulting, so 25% MVA, that normally does not apply, is applied here.