We offer some courses in english. There are only some parts of our website that is translated to english.
Click here to read about our english courses. If there is something you're looking for, don't hesitate to ask us.

Our services

We deliver services in the same fields we hold courses in.

  • Services to new business owners / start up help.

  • From idea to establishment.

  • Helping them move forward in a jungle of rules and laws.

  • Courses aimed especially towards these people.

  • Teaching to facilitate your accounting.

  • Assisting self -servers when needed.

  • Assistance and teaching related to Altinn.

  • Getting an accountant for our customers when needed.

  • Doing our job properly, so you never need to see us again.


Understanding accounting

A basic course for, where the main goal is that you can use your knowlegde as a tool in your business.


Becoming an employer

Normalities when becoming an employer/employee. Duties, rights, contracts, and formal requirements.

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Board responsibilities

Board responsibilities, both practical and financial. The rules for small stock companies have changed.


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